Structure (2017-2019)

Mr. Ignasius D.A. Sutapa (Indonesia)
Mr. Yasuto Tachikawa (Japan)
UNESCO Representatives:
Mr. Hans Dencker Thulstrup (Senior Programme Specialist, UNESCO Office Jakarta)
Countries Represented:
Countries in Group IV-Asia and the Pacific


The formation of the Regional Steering Committee for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RSC) was first initiated in August 1990 by Mr. Takahasi, then the Vice-chairman of the IHP Inter-Governmental Council, who wrote invitation letters to all the IHP member countries of the UNESCO Jakarta Office. He received 12 affirmative answers including one from Japan after which concrete planning commenced. The RSC was formally established in July 1993 at the regional meeting of IHP at Yokohama, Japan, where Mr. Takahasi and Mr. Takeuchi were elected as Chairman and Secretary, respectively. The RSC has provided a platform for IHP member countries in the region to get together periodically and exchange their experiences, discuss their problems and possible solutions and promote scientific co-operation. In 2017 at the 25th RSC meeting at Manira, the RSC decided to extend the countries represented to the countries in Group IV-Asia and the Pacific, and change the name of RSC to "IHP RSC for Asia and the Pacific".