Catalogue of Hydrologic Analysis

In the Asia-Pacific regions, various hydrologic analysis methods have been applied for designs of hydraulic structures, river improvement works, rainfall-runoff predictions, flood and inundation mapping and so on. These hydrologic analysis methods and experiences have different characteristics in terms of climate, topography, development history of the catchments and so on. To develop a platform to share these experiences and hydrologic analysis methods are quite helpful to improve the ability for risk estimation and water-related hazard damage reduction; however, most of researchers and engineers have limitted knowledge of experiences and analysis methods used at the other countries and sectors in the Asia-Pacific region.

To improve this situation and enhance the risk estimation ability in research and engineering communities, we form a research team and develop a hydroinformatics platform in the Asia-Pacific region for realizing hydrohazard resilient Asia. Specifically, to enhance the ability for evaluating water-related disaster risks, we develop a Catalogue of Hydrologic Analysis, CHA with the collaboration of researchers and engineers in the Asia-Pacific region. The Catalogue will collect documents including various experiences and hydrologic analysis methods from practical use to advanced studies for short-term rainfall prediction, rainfall-runoff prediction, flood and inundation mapping, hydrologic frequency analysis, eco-hydrology, and so on, which are freely accessed through the CHA home page. Developing CHA and sharing the knowledge through the CHA, we provide a platform to improve the ability for evaluating water-related disaster risks, which will strengthen the cooperation among researchers, governmental agencies and private sectors; serve to reduce the damage of water-related disasters; and will be a local contribution to achieve targets of SDGs and UNESCO IHP-VIII.